Supply chain visibility


Supply Chain Visibility

Are you facing Supply Chain Visibility issues? Do you have to rely on the mercy of the driver to give you the right information about location, especially for long hauls? If yes, you are not the only that is facing this issue. Lack of visibility is the major reason why companies are struggling with Supply Chain Automation. A recent study says that only 9% of logistics professionals have complete Supply chain visibility.

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Problems faced due to lack of supply chain visibility

Visibility of deliveries, or the lack thereof, is a problem since time immemorial. While there are GPS devices available, it still does not address all the problems of the shippers, especially in the Indian eco-system where the industry is highly fragmented and vendors are plenty with each preferring their own GPS vendor. The problem is further accentuated when market vehicles with no GPS tracking are used for deliveries.

Some of the problems which shippers face due to the lack of supply chain visibility of long-haul trips could be:

Inaccurate Shipment Tracking:

Shippers may not have real-time information about the location and status of their shipments, resulting in inaccurate shipment tracking. This can make it difficult to predict delivery times and respond to delays.

Delayed Deliveries:

Without real-time supply chain visibility, shippers may not be able to respond quickly to delays, resulting in delayed deliveries and potential penalties for missing delivery deadlines.

Increased Costs:

When a shipper is unable to accurately predict delivery times or respond to delays, they may have to pay for expedited shipping or incur other additional costs to meet their deadlines.

Poor Customer Service:

Shippers may be unable to provide their customers with accurate and up-to-date information about the status of their shipments, resulting in poor customer service and decreased customer satisfaction.

Operational Inefficiencies:

Without real-time supply chain visibility, shippers may be unable to optimize their logistics operations, leading to inefficiencies and increased costs.

Inventory Management Issues:

Shippers may experience inventory management issues when they are unable to accurately predict delivery times or respond to delays. This can result in stockouts, overstocks, and increased costs associated with inventory management.

Are you game for the future?

According to a 2016 PWC report on the future of the logistics industry, “industrial customers have set higher expectations to get shipments faster, in a more flexible manner, and with more transparency”. With competition getting intense by the day and margins dwindling by the minute, shippers are in a fix to stay ahead of the curve. So is supply chain visibility a problem with no solution? Do you have to continue leaking money on these problems?

The Solution

Fortunately, with Elixia’s Intelligent Delivery Orchestration Platform, you can have end-to-end visibility of your consignments, till the last mile. With this upgrade, you shall be able to track all sorts of deliveries whether it happens via –

  1. Your own vehicles
  2. Dedicated fleet from your vendors
  3. Market vehicles

But wait…there’s more?

With Elixia Intelligent Delivery Orchestration Platform, it is not just about visibility but much more. Some of the benefits one can expect are:

  1. Single platform for tracking, regardless of the GPS service provider
  2. Better control over logistics and detention costs
  3. Lesser idle time and route violations and hence higher percentages of on-time deliveries
  4. Reduction of wastage in case of perishable or temperature-sensitive products
  5. Transporter/vendor performance management
  6. Minimal human intervention in the entire process
  7. Reduced carbon footprint

Supply Chain Visibility

With the Intelligent Delivery Orchestration Platform, we can integrate multiple dashboards into one single dashboard through API which enables interaction between data, applications, and multiple devices. It doesn’t matter if you have 10s of Logistics Service Providers who in turn have one or more tracking solutions for owned vehicles or use market vehicles in some cases. In the case of market vehicles, we can track the sim card of the driver and provide necessary insights about the shipment such as ETA, route deviation alerts, temperature excursions, etc.

“Elixia’s Intelligent Delivery Orchestration Platform has helped us ensure we have complete visibility of all our deliveries with minimal human intervention, thereby helping us save logistics cost by 20% in the previous FY” – Logistics head of an FMCG giant.

To learn more about how Elixia’s Intelligent Delivery Orchestration Platform can help manufacturers & shippers automate their supply chain and gain visibility.