Monginis Case study

Transforming Bakery Operations: Case Study on Real-Time Visibility Solution

One of India’s biggest, Multinational Pastry and Bakery Chain has been using Elixia Inc’s visibility solution for more than 5 years now. Within six months of using this solution to manage their fleet, they had started reaping the benefits and extracted more than the invested amount in terms of the huge reduction in monitoring costs and they have been enjoying these benefits ever since. This has been possible with the help of technology consulting and implementation support provided by the team at Elixia.

Bakery Chain 1

To understand the scale of their operations and the complexity involved, this company operates in more than 400 stores in and around Mumbai on a daily basis. The entire delivery schedule is managed with the help of an in-house logistics team based out of their two manufacturing plants, at Andheri and Bhiwandi. They came to realize that just having a primitive vehicle tracking system in place will not serve their purpose; what they really needed was a customized visibility solution that caters to their needs and helps them improve their operational efficiency.

“We are really thankful to Elixia for catering to us with the best solution which has been customized as per our requirements. A special mention has to be placed for the impeccable services rendered by Elixia – be it making changes in the software system as per our needs, generating customized reports and on-demand alerts as well as their operational efficiency. Elixia Inc is not just a vendor but a logistics technology partner whom we can rely upon to meet any urgent and/or critical requirements” – is what they say about us.

The amount of scalability and customization provided by Elixia when it comes to client-specific requirements is second to none. The entire daily operations of this company are now highly reliant on the solutions provided by Elixia. Apart from the standard features, it includes highly complex and intelligent route optimization algorithms and advances ETA alerts to stores en-route to be ready for their deliveries just before the vehicle actually arrives and all this is monitored closely from the logistics control room using Elixia’s web as well as mobile-based applications. This entire route optimization, ETA alerts based system has drastically reduced delivery times, unloading times and operational as well as monitoring expenses. As mentioned above, what stands out is Elixia’s ability to go above and beyond to become consultants and provide visibility solution that simplify their lives by addressing the actual pain areas that customers face in their business. The ability to understand and accept that every business is unique and different and when it comes to technology, a one size fits all approach seldom works. The transition from becoming just vendors to becoming end-to-end logistics and automation partners is what sets Elixia apart.

Elixia has also ventured into the international markets with them, catering the same visibility solution to their business in other parts of the world as well with the aim of steadily expanding to all geographies to bring down their operational costs globally.

So if your business has similar pain points, why wait any longer? Get in touch with Elixia and see your problems evaporate. Let’s eat a cake at that!