Someone has rightly said, “Time is Money”. And anything that saves our time is incredibly valuable. Every day there are emails, news, or an update about how technology can make our lives easier. I think it’s all about convenience and

productivity. From the Swiggys, Zomato, and Big basket to Gpay and Paytm; they are all here to do the time-consuming ancillaries that can be outsourced so that we have more time. Increased transparency and visibility through tech-driven systems have reformed the way we live or as is the new term for this – ‘The New Normal”.

There is no doubt that it is set to reform the Logistics sector. In more developed nations, we can see tech-driven companies creating market space where we would have never imagined, or maybe we have spoken about it in a “what if” discussion. When it comes to technology, you either stay up to date with it or not be in business at all. You either embrace it & live with it or not live at all.

We are partnered with Elixia Tech Solutions for our Comprehensive tech support. Let’s take a look at what I think are the most tried and tested technological improvements that the Road Transport Industry is now adopting(including us).


The most popular and now compulsory tech improvement we have seen in the last few years in India is not just about a Global Positioning system but there is much more to it than meets the eye. Geo-fencing is one of the rather more important features where the route is perfectly mapped and any diversion is immediately alerted and monitored. It ensures that products safely reach the right place at the right time in the most cost-effective way, which is essential in today’s competitive business landscape. Many transporters who have GPS installed are not using many such features, as there is a lack of education and awareness.

Sensors for Driver Performance and Vehicle Performance:

Driver Performance is the most important factor to derive at the profitability of a given resource.

Not only the number of trips or kilometers but also the way the vehicle is driven is directly proportional to fuel consumption, vehicle wear, and tear and service costs. Many leading OE manufacturers are offering this as an add on feature with the vehicles now but there is still a lack of use of such concepts in the transport fraternity. Data collection and analysis are now gaining more and more importance and helping the new age transporters make sound and sustainable decisions. Traditionally, Vehicle performance was as per the Drivers word for the Transport business owner. But with the OE manufacturers trying to automate it in the last couple of years, the sensor technology has extensively helped in doing so. Not only does it contribute to vehicle buying decisions but also in systematic and quick vehicle servicing and reduced downtime.

Safety Locks and Sensors:

Safety always comes first! With the busiest and one of the largest road networks we have in the world, highway patrolling is still not up to the mark. We have to take our safety in our own hands. Electronic locks, Door sensors, safety cameras not just for our homes, offices, and warehouses but also for the Trucks have created an important niche in the business. The recent development in this space has been the electronic locks with unique electronic keys and OTPs sounds intriguing.


This is one of the first solutions adopted by the logistics industry for the automation of backend operations and the facilitation of seamless communication within the organization. It provides an integrated and continuously updated view of core business processes and tracks business resources (cash, raw materials, etc.) and commitments (purchase orders, payroll, etc.). By facilitating information flow and data management a cross-business

functions/departments play a major role in ensuring efficient supply chain management and synchronizing supply with demand to bolster the capabilities of the logistics domain.

Technology Driven Aggregators:

The magic words to get every transporter attention – Fleet optimization!. The majority of tech investments are trying to address the pain points of fleet optimization to the fullest with appropriate return loads. Collaboration is key to success with aggregators. However, it should always be remembered that aggregators are in business because of the companies and not the other way round as we have seen in many other industries. The best way ahead would be to coexist rather than compete.

In the current volatile situation, the world is facing, we as part of the logistics fraternity need to come together and work towards keeping the wheels of the economy running. Technology is bringing the world closer and our country is in the center of the entire whirlpool of growth, opportunities, and new arrays of business. I hope to see some positive disruptions in the industry and witness boundless growth in the coming years. Innovative Tech Solutions along with the ever-increasing use of the internet and smartphones in every nook and corner of the country is enabling us to overcome several operational challenges every day and will do so for many years to come.

~ Tanvi Naik , Director – Reema Transport P. Ltd