Temperature Monitoring Problem? Ingredients Safety Problem? NO PROBLEM!

We work with one of the leading and ever-growing companies in the doorstep food and beverage outlet+delivery space.

They have already established their presence with their stores across most major cities pan India and are continuing to expand at an appreciable rate.

With more than 150 stores across cities, this growth and the nature of their business presented a unique set of challenges for them. For all the ingredients that they use in the food that they serve to their customers, maintaining the quality, hygiene and safety standards of these food items become the utmost priority them.

The majority of these are stored in vertical chillers, makelines, deep freezers, coolers and so on. So the biggest challenge is maintaining and monitoring the temperatures of these units across their stores. Due to temperature maintenance and monitoring related issues and subsequently food safety concerns, they used to discard a significant amount of ingredients on a daily basis across stores which resulted in a significant loss of earnings for the company.

In these challenging circumstances, they met the team at Elixia Tech and the Elixirs did what they do best – solved their biggest problem! After understanding the challenges and issues faced by them in-depth, Elixia provided them with a unique and foolproof solution – Elixia Monitor. Elixia installed its signature temperature monitoring solution across all stores to address this issue.

This solution enabled them to track the temperatures of all units across all stores on a real-time basis with customized alerts and reports. With pan-India operational support and a dedicated customer support team, the system was up and running in a short span of time. The solution now enables their team to take immediate measures and corrective actions through instant alerts in case of temperature deviations. The detailed reports and analytics enable them to analyze their performance and make more informed business decisions.

Their operations team appreciated this solution for its effectiveness and therefore had a lot of good things to say about Elixia Monitor. “The solution provided by Elixia has helped us tremendously and we can feel its impact on our day to day operations,” says their operations manager. “One of our biggest concerns was the daily loss of our goods that started impacting us significantly once we started to expand. Initially, we were hesitant about making an investment in a temperature monitoring solution but now that we use it daily, it has been a worthwhile investment” observes another team member. When asked as to what was the biggest benefit this solution provided, they said “We are able to take instant corrective actions and our managers are able to make informed decisions with regards to improving their operational efficiency. Our loss of goods due to temperature conflicts has been minimized significantly and therefore it has allowed us to focus better on other areas and improve our productivity.”

So what about the numbers and actual cost savings? “We have been able to save losses of at least 600 rupees a day per store and that has directly led to an increase in our earnings,” according to their operations team. This number becomes very significant when you actually start multiplying it with the number of stores that they have. Even if one considers conservative numbers – 120 stores and savings of 400 rupees per store per day – the numbers add up to a humungous amount of more than 1.2 crore rupees worth of savings annually. And given how relatively economical the solution in itself is and the value for money that it provides, it has certainly proven to be a brilliant investment from their point of view with a phenomenal return on investment.

These numbers also provide an insight into the fact that even for smaller store/warehouse chains, investing in Elixia Monitor can lead to huge operations as well as monetary benefits in the short term as well as in the long term. Add to that the instant alerts, detailed analytics and the operational efficiency that this solution provides, Elixia Monitor is surely one of its kind solutions with immense benefits. And with a web-based as well as a mobile app-based solution, it gives its customers the power of staying in control and monitoring all important aspects of their warehouses/stores on a real-time basis even on the go. This complete package certainly makes Elixia Monitor a comprehensive solution, definitely worth investing in if monitoring the temperature of goods in your warehouse/stores is of significant value and importance to your business.